Hostess Gifts Ideas

If a guest attended your shower and didn’t bring a gift, write her a thank you card. If a guest traveled across the country and purchased an item off of your baby registry, write her a thank you card. Every person who took the time to be a part of your shower in any shape or form deserves a handwritten note of thanks. Write something personal that will make your guests feel as special as you did on your big day. For this part of your thank you message, think about your relationship with the guest you are writing to. This is where you can add an extra special thank you for those guests who traveled far to be at the shower or for the extra generous gifts you may have received.

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  • We sure could use that once our baby is born.
  • It would never have happened without all your planning and generosity.
  • I like providing presents I believe people would actually want, unrelated to the event at hand.
  • Then pour out ice cold drinks for hours with ease.
  • – Go for this pretty baby girl baby shower thank you card if you’re eager to welcome a future ballerina.

“Dear Sally, Wow! What a party! John and I had a wonderful time and couldn’t believe all the work you did to make a pitch-perfect event. You are truly an exceptional hostess.” Baby clothes and crib linens are the most common shower presents, followed by plush toys, mobiles, and baby care items. Sometimes a group will pool for a larger item, such as a stroller or car seat.

It’s a celebration for a mom and dad as a congratulations on the baby they’re going to have. Proofread the cards and erase any pencil marks you made. First, wait for your ink to dry so you don’t smudge it as you finalize your cards. Look over the cards for skipped words, missing commas, or spelling mistakes. Then, erase away any pencil marks you made, leaving behind only your inked messages.If you make a really noticeable mistake, start over on one of your extra cards. If it’s just a small mistake, sometimes you can cover it up by creatively making a letter out of the unintended mark or drawing a heart or something like like that over it.

Get straight to the point with this custom candle. Pick her favorite scent and include a nice card to say thank you for hosting this memorable event for you. A simple and easy way to thank her for her time.

For a gift received at a celebration for both of you, plan to share the thank-you-note writing work. Last but certainly not least, thank you for all you did at my shower. I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful day. You’ve always been very special to me—and now my baby will have a wonderful aunt, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your gifts!

Writing The Thank You Notes

Add their favourite photos or initials to create one-of a-kind gifts they’ll appreciate. Stylish as well as a cooking essential, custom tea towels make a thoughtful gift for all. Get inspired to make your porch your new favorite living space with these ideas designed to add a refined look to any outdoor space. This gift set comes with hair and body butter, bath oil, and a coordinating soy candle all in a lavender sage scent for the ultimate in self-care and relaxation. Like coasters, cloth napkins are as useful as they are chic. Pick out a gorgeous print that suits their style for a thoughtful gift.

Your Guide To Thank You Gifts For All Occasions

Usually a nice handwritten thank-you note after the fact will suffice. This is obviously true for surprise showers, and also for showers with a high number of hosts, like yours. With so many people involved in just about every aspect of getting-ready-for-baby-life it’s easy to get overwhelmed at who to actually thank.

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It was a really fun party, and I will always remember the way _____ fell over when he took a swing at the piñata! I’m excited for my baby girl to someday meet you both. This includes a list of gifts the new parents need for the baby.

Ideas + Inspiration

I appreciated that you arranged the photos and kept a list of all the kind gifts I was given. It would never have happened without all your planning and generosity. I am deeply thankful for you, my dear friend.

It was such a nice surprise to receive a diaper bag from you. I love the style, which is good since I’ll be wearing it everywhere! Thanks for weaving love and warmth through every warp and weft of your handmade baby bib. 19) Just like how your comfy baby blanket will cocoon my child from cold nights and windy days, your wishes and prayers will always cocoon my child from the storms of life.