Quebec – the Finest Place for Gambling in Canada

According to the Federal Criminal Code of Canada, Gambling is illegal. However, section 207 clarifies that the government of each province may regulate gambling activities within their own borders. In addition, since the end of 2021, the ban on racing and betting on horse races was repealed in federal law. Furthermore, provinces can legislate in the area of gambling. Canadian laws state that all the winnings resulting from gambling are not taxable; the tax burden falls upon the gambling operator. Thus, Canada is among the most interesting places for gamblers.

Gambling latitude in Quebec

Talking about gambling, Ontario is one of the most liberal jurisdictions in Canada. This region has been welcoming betting companies on its territory for more then fifty years. Different types of gaming, including the hottest trend today – iGaming, are legal within the borders of the province. In addition, contrary to most Canadian provinces, where the minimum age for playing is 19, in Ontario, along with Alberta and Manitoba, you can gamble starting from 18. At the same time the Government of Ontario takes care of those who are interested in gambling and, through its own website, provides information and services to gamblers, advising them how to avoid problems related to consumption and gaming. Moreover, they also offer specific paragraphs dedicated to the role of chance in gambling.

Online gambling in Quebec

In 1995, the government of Ontario passed legislation legalizing internet gaming. Online gambling was regulated under the Interactive Gaming Act (IGA) which came into effect in December 2010. Since then, the IGA has governed the regulation of interactive gaming activities including online gambling. These regulations were implemented through the Gambling Control Commission (GCC). The GCC regulates all forms of internet gaming activities including online casinos, sportsbooks, poker sites, bingo halls, lotteries and others.

Gambling in Quebec in 2022

During the period of COVID-19 pandemia, some economic sectors in the country were closed down. That was because of the health crisis and the ensuing implementation of measures and instructions by authorities. Gambling establishments and casinos were among those who had to close down temporarily. Discos, bars and restaurants were also included in the list of places where activities could not take place. We hope that all closures will be lifted soon, so people can get back to enjoying themselves. All the casinos mentioned above, except Casino de Montreal echeck casino canada, plan to reopen on Februaray 28th, 2020. Casino de Montreal plans to open on March 3rd, 2020. Fortunately, for now, all Quebecers can enjoy only online gambling facilities and practice their skills at home.

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