Xero Terraflex Trail Shoes Test Report By Coy Ray Starnes

xero terraflex reviews

It also seems to have a good rand – which in my experience makes a big difference to life expectancy. So it may be that added longevity will counterbalance the eye-watering price. But as there are no long-term reviews this would be a bit of a gamble. Vivobarefoot’s Primus Trail is also cited as a favorite. You can easily crumple the Terraflex into a ball, or squeeze or twist the sole.

I mean, you wouldn’t wear them with your evening gown, but maybe they’ll make one for that too. And ice, the ice stuff I was so surprised because I thought I’ll need my hiking boots here I have to change. And they were great, the grip on them was good on ice as well as just regular stuff. And then wearing them in a plane, and you’re going up to thousands of feet, but your cabin is compressed, you know that you’re at the equivalent of like 1,600 meters when you’re in the air. And your feet do swell and they felt really comfortable for that whole flight. I could get them on, I took them off to sleep, and then I put them back on and walked out and my feet felt just amazing.

  • My full review of the Berghaus Women’s Nula jacket – a lightweight synthetic winter jacket suitable for vegan hikers.
  • The shoe is designed to allow for plenty of toe movement yet at the same time utilizing the reflective heel and instep straps to help lock in those areas of the foot.
  • These shoes really bite into soft mud and don’t slip at all when I’m climbing up a steep incline.
  • Obviously Steven and the gang at Xeroshoes can read my mind, and got to work on a trail version in the TerraFlex.

I don’t know if this means the sole is thinner under the main part of the foot or just really thick around the outside edges. The shoe is designed to be worn with or without sock. The sole also has a fairly aggressive tread with raised Vs that are widely spaced, almost like a soccer cleat but not quite that aggressive. The Xero Terraflex trail running shoes are a very affordable way to kick-start your “barefoot” running journey.

However, the wool socks I hung on my hammock ridgeline were also damp, so obviously, drying conditions were poor. I had on a clean pair of socks for sleeping and chose to just keep them on for the hike out. It took me from 9 AM till noon to hike out but I rested frequently. My shoes were dry by the time I reached my truck. When I got home an hour later I took them off and noticed they had more odor than on any of my other hikes so I washed them in a bucket of warm water and a little dish detergent.

Wide Toe Box And Endcap

If I were going to go run Leadville again, or climb to the top of Mt. Whitney, I’d wear the Terraflex. The materials on the inside of the shoe feel soft, and my feet were fine without socks.

xero terraflex reviews

A typical 3-season load for me is around 20 lb not counting food and water. The Xero Terraflex has a zero drop from heel to toe. This is a common theme amongst all Xero shoes and a key aspect for minimal running. Our feet don’t have an elevated heel, so why would shoes, that should only act as an extension to our feet include a heel like this? Once again it’s a cure, in this case, to try and soften the pain caused by running with a heel strike. Something that many runners suffer from, due to running in shoes with elevated heels.

Xero’s TerraFlex show is a high performance, minimalist trail runner. It is super lightweight with aggressive tread and one of the most comfortable running shoes I have ever worn.

Welcome to Mud Run Guide – the worldwide leader in mud runs, obstacle course races, and outdoor running adventures. Established in 2012, our focus is to provide you with the best events, discounts, news, reviews, gear, and training for the sport of OCR. They include a very thin insole if you want a little bit of cushion but the instructions on the shoes say you can remove the insole and run without it. The lack of insole is a huge positive in my book and the interior of the shoe has some give so it is not like running completely barefoot.

Barefoot Inclined

The biggest limitation to keep in mind is that for people who are not used to minimalist footwear, it’s wise to transition slowly. Based on my experience running out west, I think they’d be great on sandy, gravelly, and rocky terrain, too.

xero terraflex reviews

I also think that it was these types of scrambling adventures that contributed to the accelerated wearing of the lugs on the outsole . If you’re looking for the ideal, minimalist trail or hiking shoe- I highly recommend the TerraFlex. These would not be my go-to for casual walking around the town or in a gym setting as the tread reacts better with outdoor trail-like terrain the best. These are incredibly lightweight yet in true Xero Shoe fashion, extremely durable. In the TerraFlex, you can trust your footwear to match your adventure without risk of injury or discomfort. These have personally been my favorite shoes to take to the snow, mountain biking and trail running whilst we have been here in Salt Lake City!

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They work really well for what little jogging I do anymore, around a mile per day…a far cry from the 7-10 mi I used to do before back surgery. They are not too heavy and can handle a few screws in the winter so I don’t go slipping on all the ice. Zero drop, sticky rubber, but not real durable uppers. They don’t work well in mud but leaves/rocks/rock face doesn’t bother them. Very comfortable with a wide toebox though they run a bit small. Altramarkets zero-drop trail running shoes, but because of the thicker soles, they are not regarded by everyone as truly minimalist.

xero terraflex reviews

It helps those muscles exercise; we’ve got a lot of muscles in our feet and we don’t exercise them enough. Traditional shoes are generally really hard and the surface underneath them are really firm and therefore their muscles don’t get exercised. Which for a shoe that I didn’t have to wear in, it was fantastic.

Also, sometimes when you feel a sharp rock it seems worse in the moment than it actually is because we have grown so accustomed to not feeling anything with our feet. Once the initial shock of the sharp rock feeling passes I then realize it did not hurt as bad as I initially thought. From the arch back, the Mesa Trail hugs my foot a bit tighter, though perhaps not quite as securely as the Altra Superior 4. The Mesa’s midfoot / heel definitely felt a little sloppy to me at certain points, especially on off-camber and technical terrain, as well as the uneven ground of off-trail runs . Still, I never had issues with my heel getting blisters or hot spots. The Xero TerraFlex is a high-performance minimalist trail running and walking shoe that protects your foot while still allowing it to flex, bend, and move in a natural way. The TerraFlex incorporates a padded and breathable mesh upper for increased comfort as well as lugged soles for additional traction on a variety of surfaces and trail features.

Xero Shoes Terraflex Review

The trail shoe trend has been to make them more and more bulky. After my first run in the Terraflex I felt like I was actually ENJOYING MY RUNNING SO MUCH MORE. I love feeling the ground without the fear of anything hurting my foot. These shoes really bite into soft mud and don’t slip at all when I’m climbing up a steep incline. They are extremely durable but light and breathable.

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On my first runs I avoided rocks and roots like the plague. Six months later I can cruise over them no problem because my feet just don’t experience the same pain. I was a little skeptical that the few v-shaped lugs would work on slick ground but I have to say, they are as sure footed as any of my boots with much more aggressive soles. I do use trekking poles so that helped but I use them with other shoes or even when hiking barefooted. When I was day hiking I usually wore a small day pack with water, a snack, my rain jacket and a few other odds and ends. Another plus was that even though the trails have been muddy on several of my hikes the tread patterns does not clog up with mud.

For EU/UK/JP sizing, there’s a conversion chart at the bottom of the TerraFlex product description. We’re happy to offer free domestic returns and exchanges for unworn shoes and sandals within 45 days of purchase. It might seem trivial, but I have heard and read in many places the dislike of the shoe strings on these shoes.

Who These Shoes Are For:

But for the most part, I can tell if I’m going to like a shoe within the first half mile of a run. The idea of running in sandals fascinates me, even though I’m still not entirely convinced I won’t break my toe while doing so. Therefore, a more traditional “shoe”, like the QuickBooks new Xero TerraFlex is more up my alley, and I was MORE than happy to review a pair. The barefoot running movement is a moment in running history that still stands out in my mind. Perhaps it’s because it happened during the very beginning stages of my running journey.

From sneakers to sandals, this Xero Shoes review will take a look at a few of their hottest picks within the men’s section. The beach is home to hundreds of sharp rocks, hidden xero terraflex reviews glass, shattered seashells, and other dangerous terrain. He quickly gained traction with his fancy footwear, ultimately leading to the launch of Xero Shoes in 2009.

These two areas are where I typically encounter pain if my shoes don’t fit well or are not working properly. Please stay tuned for my Field Report which should follow approximately two months from now. When I looked at the website it said these shoes run a little small and to order a half size up if in doubt as to what size to get. I normally wear a US 11.5 in some shoes and 12 in others so I decided to give the 12 a shot since the next size available was a 13.

The trend held on for awhile, but seemingly fizzled out in favor of more traditional, higher heel-to-toe drop shoes. The big names in the running industry phased out their zero drop shoes, and went back to what they knew best. But a few smaller companies have stuck to the belief that zero drop shoes are the best bet, and I’m glad that they are still around. Love the width of toe box and the protection from rocks with a good sole and still feels very minimal. Thousands have taken our Prio running shoe out on the trail, but when you want more grip, more traction, and a bit more protection, you’ll want the TerraFlex. Unfortunately, the Xero Shoes TerraFlex is not my go-to shoe for all trails.

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I use these shoes for everyday wear, trail running, hiking, and backpacking. Willie the Trail Dog approves of the places they have taken us so far. If you have questions about gear, running, or adventure and online bookkeeping are looking for a fun and knowledgeable group, be sure to check out TeamBU from Becoming Ultra. As a trail running shoe, the TerraFlex is a durable, flexible racer that has a beautiful foot-shaped design.

On first receiving the shoes, I was impressed with the style and the quality of its materials—which are all vegan-friendly. They were lightweight, soft and the thin sole was flexible but looked sturdy. I also liked the thick laces and the additional reflective strips around the shoes—ideal for any evening runs. That said, there is definitely more “heft” to the Xero TerraFlex compared to most minimal shoes. The shoe is not heavy perse, but there is enough to the shoe to make you feel like you have significant protection underfoot to protect against trail elements. The huarache-sandal inspired heel strap can be used to hold your heel and ankle in place. Pull the straps through the ankle holes in the sole, and then lock them in place with the laces.

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